Euro Clay Carnival 2012 in english

We do not have all the information yet, this page is to be completed… Please consult  regularly. 

To make this event unforgettable, to avoid forgetting anything, to reduce the costs…

You will find on this page all information that we thought would be useful. If still your question is not answered here, you can send it to us using the contact form.

Location of the event

Chemin du Rouillard
78480 Verneuil-sur-Seine

The Base de Loisirs of Verneuil sur Seine is close to the rail station of  Vernouillet/ Verneuil on the line “St Lazare/Mantes la Jolie via Poissy” . Here is a link to all the train schedules in Paris, scroll down to find the “Réseau Paris Saint Lazare” and select Saint Lazare to Mantes la Jolie via Poissy : Be sure to take both week and week-end schedules.

The Head Station Saint-Lazare is accessible by Metro or RER from any other train station in Paris. For those of you arriving in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle airport, you will have to take the RER B towards “Robinson – Saint Rémi lès Chevreuses” and drop out at “Gare du Nord”; then change for RER E towards “Hausmann – Saint Lazare” and go to the terminal.

If you plan on arriving by the train into Verneuil/Vernouillet, do not forget to inform us by e-mail in advance of your schedule so we can come and pick you up at the train station. We will start the rides from the train station Verneuil/Vernouillet to the Base de Loisir at 6:00pm, not earlier.


  • Welcome : Oct. 31st,  2012 from 6:00pm
  • Supper at 7:30 / 8:00pm
  • Beginning of the workshops on Nov. 1st, 2012 at 8:30 am
  • End of the workshops on Nov. 4th, 2012 around 1:00 pm, lunch is included. Those that would like to may stay until about 5:30 pm.

Material needed:

The clay for the workshops is provided by Van Aken who sponsorizes the event.
Here is the list of basic equipment that you can already make sure to take. We will add to this list whatever equipment each teacher may need for their workshop as they inform us.

Basic equipment

  • pasta machine (please no motors)
  • work surface
  • rigid blade
  • acrylic roller
  • ruler
  • baby wipes
  • small tile (10cm x 10)
  • a scalpel or craft knife

Material for each teacher

For Donna Kato’s class

  • Medium ball stylus
  • 1 – 1/12″ long pin back
  • CA glue
  • Dental tool with spoon back or other smoothing tool
  • 10″ heavy gauge wire ( 16 – 18 gauge is fine)
  • texture sponge or heavy gauge sandpaper (50 grit)
  • rubber gloves and oil paint in white or parchment


For Bettina Welker’s class

CA glue
at least 2 paper balls each in 20 mm diameter and 12 – 15 mm.
Bettina  will bring enough paper balls for every student to buy from her for a small fee if they want. She also will have one spool of tigertail in case somebody needs it.
  • Latex gloves
  • a ball stylus
  • a thin needle
  • tweezers or a hooked dental tool
  • a hand drill with a 0,8 mm drill bit
  • round nose pliers
  • side wire cutting plier
  • Jewelry wire (Tigertail)
  • 18 to 20 gauge (0,8-1 mm) sterling or silver plated wire
  • 2 head pins
  • 1 pair of earwires
  • some 2 mm beads
  • small bowl for water

For Natalia Garcia de Leaniz’s class

  • Round cutters: one approx. 15 mms diameter  and one 30 mm.
  • 1 round nose pliers
  • 1 wire cutters
  • If you want, you can bring more in different shapes and sizes.

Natalia will provide each student with a pair of earrings hooks and some thin wire, you may want to bring more of these  just in case you want to make more pairs.

For Stéphanie Kilgast’s class

  • a sheet of sanding paper
  • a long blade
  • a rasor blade
  • a bamboo skewer or knitting needle to mix solid and liquid clay together
  • small plastic boxes like for sauces at the chineese restaurant
  • a thin needle
  • tooth picks
  • a paintbrush
  • dry pastels in ocre, brick and dark brown
  • clay extruder with 1 round hole disc about 2,5mm
  • star cutter and round cutter bigger than the star one
  • round cutters of different sizes / straws / tubes
  • silicone molding paste (white and blue)

For Sophie Dumoulin’s class

  • the amount of one small pack of “scrap” clay
  • metal powders type “pearl-ex”
  • alcohol inks of different colors type “pinata inks”
  • 90° alcohol in a small spray bottle
  • different textures or stamps with deep imprint
  • 2 coffee and 2 large metal spoons(allowing to be baked in the oven)
  • 1 flamme light bulb
  • CA glue like SUPER GLUE
  • sanding papers 600 and 800 and if possible micro mesh 600 + 800 + 1200
  • absorbing paper or paper tissues
  • plasterer’s grid

For Isabelle Chatelain’s class:

  • small round kemper cutters
  • black colorbox chalk ink
  • black alcool ink (like adirondack)
  • a lightbulb
  • a small piece of lace
  • 15 cm of buna cord in 2mm diameter
  • 2 magic beads in diam 6 et 8mm, a small metal bead
  • CA glue
  • a pin
  • a heat gun
  • a pair of scissors
  • sanding papers or micromesh kit

For Sylvie Peraud’s class :

  • a needle tool
  • sanding material (micro mesh kit or sanding paper and a small box or basin for water sanding)
  • earring findings



List of the attendees :

This list enables you to see if you can plan on travelling with other attendees, and find roommates. We will have 23 rooms of 4 with collective toilet blocks, 16 rooms of two with private bathroom, 1 room of three with private bathroom; and 2 rooms of 2 with  collective toilet blocks. If for health reasons only you need a single room, please let us know, we will try to satisfy your demand as there are only two single rooms (this will lead to a supplementary cost).

Caution, towels, gloves and soap are not provided, do not forget your toilet set !  For those of you that will be in rooms of  4 with collective toilet blocks, plan on having a pair of flip flops for the showers.

Euro Clay Carnival 2012 1er au 4 novembre 2012 n° Département

ou Pays

Véronique Pou 38
Cindy Montembault 60
Fabienne Raze 27
Isabelle Dufeu 35
Sandrine Mariel 91
Maïwenn Jayez 44
Anne-Lise Coulon 92
Anaïs Sidaray 78
Manuella Billat 79
Marianne Bouvaist 27
Cécile Boisseau 44
Hana Skorpilova République Tchèque
Véronique Nauroy 38
Maryvonne Kottelat Suisse
Petra Nemravova République Tchèque
Stéphanie Charpentier 78
Julia Burtin 78
Nathalie Gernigon 44
Andrea Zajacova Slovaquie
Martina Malaskova République Tchèque
Iva Paukovcekova Slovaquie
Agnès Tonnelier 94
Eva Makrlikova République Tchèque
Faouzia Gaultier 77
Sylvie Van Noorden 78
Annick Ruef 67
Dana Phamova République Tchèque
Katerina Sedlakova République Tchèque
Eva Haskova République Tchèque
Mirian Garcia Mardones Espagne
Lucie Mazankova République Tchèque
Mireille Zanettacci 77
Nadège Dehaene 62
Dori Flores Espagne
Marisela Ramirez Crespo Espagne
Marta Teràn Rodriguez Espagne
Amada Salva Espagne
Cristina Alvarez de Frutos 75
Noelia Contreras Martin Espagne
Alex Hernandez Espagne
Florence Hernandez 63
Clara Pina Espagne
Cristina Catalan Espagne
Yvonne Broger Suisse
Mariona Salvado Lidon Espagne
Susana Gallego Espagne
Nora Fernandez Espagne
Gladis Frei Suisse
Nuria Vilasis Ullés Espagne
Belén Moreno Alberca Espagne
Vanessa Fernandez Learte Espagne
Yolanda Lopez Gonzalez Espagne
Blanca Fernandez Espagne
Evelyne Lamontagne 63
Sophie Lefebvre 27
Jacqueline Alazard 01
Valérie Chamand 38
Stéphanie Forcioli 77
Dominique Tommasone 69
Karin De Wit Belgique
Laure-Anne Kondoszek 62
Emilie Legros 50
Sophie Klimek 91
Dominique Legay 53
Sylvie David 53
Françoise Roudeau 91
Odile Cledelin 11
Murielle Aliche 78
Charlie Duguet 78
Alexandra Guyot 34
Mireille Broch 66
Sophie Pinti 06
Catherine Lobert 31
Sylvaine Bru 31
Brigitte Carpentier 64
Muriel Paris 26
Pascale Lauthrey 77
Sylvie Bourreau 68
Elke Verelst Belgique
Silke Priess 91
Valérie Le Vieux 10
Déborah Delalin 62
Marie-Laure Michaud 72
Laure Steele 13
Nadège Honey Grande Bretagne
Pascale Genais 37
Noemi Pendientedti Espagne
Pedro Castillo Espagne
Pilar Papaseit Nava Espagne
Josefina de Diego Suisse

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