Jafa 2015 projects

Projects proposed to the vote of the jury for the “Argiles Maniaques” 2015 workshop

We ask you to please carefully read the following descriptions of the projects and make your selection considering technical interest (innovative ideas, material used, etc.) and originality. The projects are listed below in the order of receipt.

Please vote before April 23 midnight.

Please give us the 5 projects you selected sorting them out by preference order in the form below.
NB : the pairs of projects 7a / 7b and 10a / 10b are proposed by the same instructors;  if you select one then please avoid the other project of the pair.

Project n° 1 : Large double ring

In this project, the students will address the following techniques:
1- Develop an all-polymer open ring taking in account several constraints (size, strength, elasticity …)
2- Use pastels to create some soft decorations.
3- Make some shapes with liquid polymer.
4. Include other materials in the assembly.

Project n° 2 : Colorful brooch – Surface technique

In this project, the students will explore various surface techniques.
They will experience many ways to create colorful patterns in raw clay and will associate these techniques to make an original pin.
The participants will learn how to animate the open space of the brooch.
Finally, the proposed finish provides a glossy resin-like look in an easier and faster way.

Project n° 3 : Organic brooch

In this project, the students will learn how to create a surprising texture, each time varying and providing an organic note.
Associated with a technique that imitates some paint strokes on polymer clay, they will create this funny brooch that mixes flat, smooth and textured surfaces with curved lenses.

Project n°4 : Dual technique bracelet

In this workshop, you will learn how to master the inks and bring into your work some nuance, richness, depth and variety. This ink work will be combined with a second technique of stone imitation – turquoise or other – in order to achieve an original bracelet. This thin and flexible all-polymer bracelet will allow you to explore some unsuspected properties of the clay.

Project n° 5 : Tetra Beads

In this workshop, we will make patterned sheets (veneers) in blended colours
that look complicated but are achieved very quickly. From one cane, several
different patterns will be created.
These patterned veneers will be used to make hollow tetrahedron shaped beads
for a necklace and, if there is time, large round beads too. The veneers
can also be used for other projects such as bangles and pendants.

Project n° 6 : A cat around the neck

This project highlights a technique using pastels and a texture sheet. The beads are smooth, sanded, polished and not varnished. The pastel looks like embedded in the clay. Here, the upper clay is gray.
The eyes are embellished with silver micro-beads and strass.
The cat legs and the whole necklace are articulated using buna and decorated with magic beads.
Everyone can give his personal touch to this necklace.

Project n° 7a : Cracked necklace

This project will explain and show how to make some gradient-colored beads in a conical / rectangular shape with a graded crack. (Metal sheets and Pinata inks).
The students will learn  how to  “emboss” on an aluminium sheet. They will also learn how to encircle a bead with a wire without any knot.
The instructor will explain the assembly of the necklace and other options of colors, combinations and give some other ideas of assembling.

Project n° 7b : Faux wood Pendant

Wood imitation pendant
In this workshop students will learn how to make faux wood plates in a innovative way, using dry pastels.
They will see how to make a double-sided pendant and be taught how to make some faux wood decorations matching the pendant.

They will be given ideas and examples of other possible variations of faux wood, design and assembly.

Project n° 8 : Batik pendant

This project consists in realizing a batik pendant with faux wood articulated arms. The shape of the pendant is free.

Project n° 9 : Game transparency brooch

It’s a polymer clay brooch with nice depth and transparency effects including various tiny bits and pieces.
It’s possible to decline the pin in different colors for the class.

Project n° 10a : Ceramic and coated canvas torque

– Make a torque necklace simply
– Make a coated canvas imitation with oiled effect
– Make a worn ceramic imitation
– Make a simplified assembly

Project n° 10b : Ceramic and coated canvas pendant

– Make an unusual shaped pendant using neither a punch nor a template.
– How to make fast and precise cutout for the join between the two patterns
– Make a worn glazed ceramic imitation
– Make a coated canvas imitation with oiled effect

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